Meet the Team

The authenticity and integrity of beer making.



Head brewer Oscar Matthews comes from a long line of SA hotel proprietary, his keen interest in craft beer having been sparked from hands-on work in the family’s hotels. As a next step, Oscar became the chief buyer of craft beers for a number of hotels, while setting up a small home-brew system in his home garage for trials and some interesting experiments!
When Oscar’s uncle Hamish became involved in the re-development of Slo Brew in San Luis Obispo, California, he suggested Oscar join him to learn more and to help with operations. Oscar jumped at the chance and ended up spending some 9 months in this now famous, large-scale operation.
Returning to Adelaide in 2017, Oscar brought with him a wealth of knowledge in beer styles, tastes, production and systems – and a love for the freedom and creativity beer making offers. He spent some time with buddies at Adelaide house Pirate Life before making Uraidla his spiritual home and can now be found most days ensconced with his barley, hops, hoses, tanks and complicated chemistry equipment.
With his energy, passion, creativity and knowledge, Oscar will happily discuss his beers with visitors and other brewers. He plans to hold various small events to showcase and introduce their brews as they experiment with local produce, herbs and spices for a range of interesting and unique beers.
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